"As testimony to Jan's leadership skills, she and her team began working on the assignment and readily accepted all the responsibilities associated with the project. As a result of her excellent recruiting abilities, pleasant personality, professional work habits, and her general enthusiasm and passion for her work, she and her team were able to successfully handle all the details: sourcing, screening, interviewing, and presenting pharmacists to me for hiring. This contract called for a professional with the right amount of management, organizational, and communication skills. Jan Girard was this professional and she exceeded our company's expectations for the amount of qualified hires brought to our operation."

- Manager of Recruiting and Human Resources, A.C.

"I can't thank you enough for matching me up with my ideal job. Your staff was always so helpful and they listened to my every concern. They definitely heard what I had to say because I was given an opportunity beyond my wildest dreams The position and company you matched me with was one that was made to order. Many make promises; you delivered! Thank you Jan and all your wonderful staff!"

- Supervising Pharmacists, AP

"Thanks to Research America, our employment fees have come down, our hires have increased, and you have made me look very good in the eyes of the corporate office."

- Director of Human Resources, GP

"We filled 66% of our openings through the high quality research provided by Research America. On behalf of the entire corporation, let me express my appreciation for a job well done."

- Manager Recruitment and Staffing, MK

"Since we began restructuring, you have continued to provide us with a cadre of professionals who will become the success story of our revival. You have continually met the challenge of presenting quality candidates who rapidly achieve expectations and go beyond."

- Director Human Resources, JH

"My sincerest thank you for another successful search project. This now makes three successful home runs and we'll be looking for more in the future."

- Assistant VP & Director of Personnel, PD

"In today's business world, it's not uncommon to hear the phrase 'accomplish more with less.' (Research America) allowed us to partner with you...to expand the traditional role of HR recruiting. Our methods needed to change. By working together with your organization, we have been able to meet our objectives ."

 - Area Field Manager, GF